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We, consumers and parents, appeal to national administrations, the European Commission and consumer organizations as well as all those who care about child safety to support the initiative to make the results of safety tests and certificates for products used to protect children in transport publicly available.

As of today, consumers, including parents, do not have access to this information. The choice of a child seat or restraint system is not based on safety parameters but e.g. on private opinions on the Internet or the appearance of the device. It cannot be the only basis for purchasing a car seat or restraint system. This petition initiative aims to introduce an obligation for manufacturers to make safety testing available. If you share this safety concern please support it with your signature!

The Annual Accident Report 2018, based on CARE data, leaves no doubt that the number of accidents takes the most tragic toll in Central and Eastern Europe, where the number of fatalities per million inhabitants is the highest in the European Union.

In these accidents, the most vulnerable citizens of the Community are killed – the children that this initiative aims to defend by giving their parents and guardians the right to information, which should have been public for years. Sign and give an informed choice of child safety devices for passenger cars and public transport.